Access your future revenue today

🏦  Upfront capital without debt or dilution

⚡  Rapid deployment of funds

💸  Annualize monthly recurring revenue streams

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Mantle is a marketplace for companies to sell their monthly recurring revenues to investors.

For businesses

Sell your monthly recurring revenues for upfront cash.

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Upfront cash flow to fuel growth

Receive up to a year of capital instantly, giving you funding to grow on your terms.


Rapid funding

Convert recurring revenue streams into instant upfront capital.

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Real-time contracts

Mantle constantly syncs with your billing and payment tools to provide you with the latest assets to sell to investors.

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Who we fund

Recurring revenue streams

Subscriptions, direct debits, “buy now, pay later", credit products, personal loans, auto loans, mortgage loans, or student loans can be traded as assets on Mantle.

12+ months of trading

Proven track record of growth and sales.

£10k+ monthly revenue

Generating at least £10k of sales on a monthly basis.