What is Mantle?

Mantle is a platform that enables climate-positive businesses to raise capital from impact investors from around the world. For businesses, less time is spent trying to find the right investors and non-dilutive, revenue-based financing allows for more efficient fundrasign. For investors, capital can be deployed more effecienclty into climate positive businesses and ESG targets met.

How does Mantle work?

For companies raising capital, funding is pursued through non-dilutive, revenue-based finance. Businesses are required to enable a connection between existing payment and sales software with Mantle to establish revenue volume. 

For investors, Mantle gives you access to climate-positive companies from around the world.  Mantle uses AI-enabled matching software to identify strategic investment opportunities based on your ESG preferences and investment criteria. Mantle can be used to identify and connect with businesses building technology coinciding with your sustainable and business goals. 

Is Mantle right for my company?

If you are a climate-positive company looking for funding, then yes! Mantle is built for companies of all shapes and sizes from bootstrappers all the way to publicly traded and everything in between. The best way to see what Mantle can do for your business is to connect with one of our team. There’s no cost to join Mantle and no obligation to ever make an investment.

What is revenue-based finance?

Revenue-based financing (sometimes known as royalty-based financing) is a type of financial capital in which investors inject capital into a business in return for a fixed percentage of ongoing gross revenues, with payment increases and decreases based on business revenues.

How does bidding work on Mantle?

When a business submits a request to raise capital, investors are invited to bid on said submission. For example, a company raising $500,000, repaid over 24 months, receives several bids of around 0.951. In this scenario, investors are willing to pay $0.951 for every $1 of the amount being requested (the total payout). Once the bidding has ended (in a specified time frame), the investor(s) with the winning bid provide the capital through their Mantle account. 

How does trading work on Mantle?

Investors can trade the assets in their portfolio. Similar to the initial bidding process initiated by business, investors wanting to trade their assets can do so by opening a bidding process on a chosen asset. Once the bidding has been completed and the asset transferred, the new holder(s) of the asset will receive monthly payouts.

How do I  get interest on my Mantle balance?

Both businesses and investors are able to access up to 15% interest on the money held in their Mantle account. To activate this feature, users will need to set up the Mantle Interest feature (insured up to $375 million) located in the user dashboard.